A & R Engineering Company, Inc.

President's Corner

FMS Technology

The FMS (Flexible Manufacturing System), as employed at Y-Tec, consists of:

  • Horizontal CNC Mill(s)
  • Pallet stocking system
  • Load station at which the material to be machined is loaded onto the pallet / fixture
  • RGV (rail guided vehicle) to transport pallets between the stocking system, load station, and machine tool

Cell controller / computer system to operate, prioritize and coordinate the activities of the system

Lean Manufacturing

Satisfying customer demand without excessive inventory calls for strict attention to cycle time reduction and throughput. Any waste or activity that does not add value to the product is eliminated. Improving throughput involves value stream mapping, where a process flow diagram is made, material flow is analyzed, and the production system reengineered

Lights Out Manufacturing

Y-Tec utilizes CNC milling machines that employ broken tool detection and live (in the spindle) probing.

This technology allows us to operate these machines, on the appropriate products, in an unmanned mode. We are able to load fixtures with assets / raw material, assign a priority, set the cycle in process, and allow the machine to run unattended.

The machine can self-inspect, make the appropriate adjustments as programmed, and produce parts.

The advantages regarding machine utilization, and reduction in throughput time and cost, are obvious.