A & R Engineering Company, Inc.

Product margins eroding?
Manufacturing costs rising?
Losing market share?
Customers demanding Shorter lead times?
Need robust and capable supply chain partner?

A&R ENGINEERING has the right solutions for YOU!

President's Corner

  • We are searching for new challenges to provide full service manufacturing support to companies who are desirous of reducing their production costs by outsourcing the manufacturing operations
  • We have the track record and the competence to deliver results at competitive prices
  • Contact us and we will give you an assessment of how we can reduce your production costs and maintain high quality and excellent delivery performance

Business Proposition

A&R Engineering views the manufacturing process as a complete cycle, from the recognition of your unique requirement to the on-time delivery that meets and exceeds your expectations.

Our involvement starts with analyzing the production process to re-engineer it to minimize cycle time and maximize quality and throughput.

Our team of experienced manufacturing professionals and consultants to the industry continually explore ways to cut costs, reduce lead time and eliminate waste using innovative manufacturing methods.

We manage our requirements and scheduling using a fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System which gives our customers visibility and 24/7 access to the information on their orders.